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Top 10 SEO Expert in Bangladesh in 2024

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by Josim Uddin
Top 10 SEO Expert In Bangladesh

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In this article, I will share exactly the top 10 SEO expert in Bangladesh at this time. Too many people don’t know who are top SEO expert in Bangladesh right now.

If you read the complete article then you will be known who are the top local SEO expert in Bangladesh, who are organic SEO expert in Bangladesh,  who are video SEO expert In Bangladesh and who are advanced SEO expert in Bangladesh.

At the end of article, I will share how much seo expert salary in Bangladesh.

Let’s start…

Top 10 SEO Expert In Bangladesh 2024

1. Hridoy Chowdhury

Hridoy Chowdhury - SEO expert in Bangladesh

Hridoy Chowdhury is a Professional SEO trainer in Bangladesh. His teaching quality is awesome, easy to understand, and premium.

Also, He is a top rated SEO expert on Upwork, Level 2 Seller on Fiverr Marketplace, and marketing Head at Centrix Digital Solutions in Toronto, Canada.

He is a handsome and friendly person in Bangladesh. Live in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is a good YouTuber. He teaches SEO to thousands of students for free on YouTube.

If you are interested in this person then you can go to his website. Click Here.

2. Md Faruk Khan

Farukh Khan - SEO expert in Bangladesh

Md Faruk Khan is well well-known SEO Trainer in Bangladesh. He is an SEO Trainer at 10 Minute School.

Also, He is the Founder and CEO of Khan IT. KhanIT is an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh with remarkable performance.

3. Josim Uddin

SEO Expert in Bangladesh - video seo expert

Josim Uddin is a well-known Youngest SEO Expert In Bangladesh.

He is an SEO Fanboy and loves to share his knowledge using Social media like, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Article, and Medium.

Also, he is a small Youtuber, He shares SEO Related Video content on his YouTube channel.

He provides Premium SEO Services throughout the whole world through this Website.

4. Niloy

Niloy SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Introducing Niloy, a seasoned SEO expert who honed his craft in a renowned SEO service provider in Bangladesh.

Accumulating invaluable experience, he ventured to establish his own SEO business in the country.

With an extensive eight-year tenure as an SEO specialist, Niloy not only provided top-tier SEO services to local businesses but also imparted his expertise as an SEO trainer across various training facilities in Bangladesh.

His expert profile soared in popularity among Bangladesh’s SEO firms, showcasing his comprehensive mastery of all essential competencies required of an SEO specialist.

Trust Niloy to embody the epitome of an adept SEO service provider in Bangladesh.

5. Shakil Ahmmed

Shakil Ahmmed photo

Meet Shakil Ahmmed, a certified web designer and SEO consultant based in Bangladesh. Since March 2015, he has been the go-to internet marketing consultant for numerous clients.

Shakil prides himself on delivering top-notch SEO services, including specialized expertise in Google Penalty Recovery for Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, and staying updated with the latest Google algorithm changes.

His knowledge extends to recent Google actions like the de-indexing of PBNs (Private Blog Networks), ensuring none of his websites faced penalties.

With a decade of experience fueling his passion, Shakil Ahmmed stands ready to elevate your online presence with his unparalleled dedication and expertise.

6. Ratul Roy

Ratul Roy- SEO expert in Bangladesh

Introducing Ratul Roy, the youngest White Hat SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Embarking on his journey as a freelance SEO prodigy at just 16, Ratul has independently assisted over 50 local companies and successfully completed more than 50 SEO assignments.

Transitioning from a freelancer to leading a comprehensive team, he now extends his top-tier SEO services globally.

Beyond his remarkable accomplishments, Ratul has dedicated himself to mentoring numerous SEO experts in Bangladesh, sharing his expertise and contributing to the growth of the SEO community.

His unwavering commitment and remarkable achievements mark him as a standout figure in the world of SEO.

7. Asif Anwer

Asif Anwer- SEO expert in Bangladesh

For nearly two decades, Mr. Asif Anwar has been a stalwart in the SEO sector, offering invaluable services to businesses since 2003.

His journey has been a testament to relentless skill development and the accumulation of unparalleled expertise.

Asif stands as a beacon of knowledge, guiding both small and large enterprises with his profound SEO insights.

His extensive expertise spans across various sectors, showcasing a versatile understanding of SEO that transcends boundaries.

With Asif Anwar, businesses can rely on a seasoned professional adept at navigating the dynamic landscape of search engine optimization.

8. Nasir Uddin Shamim

Nasir Uddin Shamim- SEO expert in Bangladesh

Nasir Uddin Shamim stands tall as a leading SEO luminary in Bangladesh, renowned for his expertise.

He’s the visionary behind Prayogik, a platform designed to empower individuals through SEO education via boot camps, firmly believing in unlocking everyone’s potential through proper training.

Beyond education, Kashem’s brainchild, Hyraoo, acts as a bridge between local talent and online businesses, fostering connections and opportunities.

His esteemed team at Up Rankly comprises seasoned SEO professionals, driving reliable services since 2008.

Through this platform, Nasir Uddin Shamim extends support to both small startups and major enterprises, leveraging his extensive expertise and skills to catapult businesses to new heights via impactful SEO strategies.

9. Tahir Choudhry

Meet Tahir Choudhry, a top-tier SEO expert based in Bangladesh, extending his expertise globally.

Renowned for his informative lectures on SEO practices, Tahir possesses a wealth of knowledge in SEO procedures, catering to a diverse range of clients worldwide.

With four years of hands-on experience, he adeptly navigates the intricacies of managing website traffic.

Tahir’s proficiency doesn’t go unnoticed, as companies in Bangladesh repeatedly entrust him with their SEO projects, consistently witnessing satisfaction through his dedicated work and impactful efforts.

His knack for optimizing website traffic and delivering exceptional results makes him a sought-after name in the SEO realm.

10. Maqsood Rehman

He has almost two decades of experience in the SEO field. He can boldly state the greatest offers for search engine optimization services in the BD, with a lengthy record of delighted clients to support it, as an SEO Expert for numerous large organizations in the BD and abroad.

He can assist his clients with all aspects of SEO success, from big data research to bug hunting and repairing technological faults to rank better on Google’s first page.

He has amassed a breadth of industry-specific experience over the course of his whole career, which enables him to apply more credibility and insight to all of his SEO assignments.

Why They Are Advanced SEO Expert In Bangladesh

There are many reasons behind selecting the 10 best SEO experts in Bangladesh.

I have made this authentic list by considering their years of experience, how many jobs they have completed, how many successful clients they have, and how strong their brand network is.

This list is the most authentic list of Bangladesh for select best SEO expert in Bangladesh

Who Is The Best Organic SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

This Question Answer is Easy, All People know this question answer. okay, I will share again, Josim Uddin is the best organic SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Josim Uddin is regarded as one of the top organic SEO experts in Bangladesh. With a proven track record, Josim has successfully completed over 250+ international SEO projects, showcasing a wealth of experience and expertise in the field.

His portfolio is adorned with positive buyer reviews, indicating a high level of client satisfaction and the effectiveness of his strategies.

Josim Uddin’s proficiency lies in employing organic SEO techniques that align with search engine algorithms to enhance website visibility, traffic, and rankings. His deep understanding of SEO principles allows him to craft tailored strategies for businesses, ensuring sustainable and long-term growth in online presence.

Josim’s approach involves a comprehensive analysis of websites, identifying opportunities for optimization, keyword research, content enhancement, and strategic link building.

His dedication to staying updated with the latest SEO trends and best practices ensures that his clients receive cutting-edge solutions.

Furthermore, Josim’s expertise extends beyond local boundaries, catering to international clients, which reflects his adaptability and ability to work within diverse markets and niches.

Josim Uddin stands out as an accomplished organic SEO expert in Bangladesh, recognized for his extensive experience, proven results, and client satisfaction, making him a top choice for businesses seeking effective and sustainable SEO solutions.

Who Is The Youngest SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

The youngest SEO expert in Bangladesh is Josim Uddin. Because he has successfully completed 150+ Projects and got many positive reviews at a young age.

Currently, he is a successful freelancer at Fiverr and Upwork and an SEO expert at Skillerszone Marketing Agency.

Experienced SEO expert with 3+ years of experience. I will help you get more leads, traffic & sales from Google with our SEO & Link Building service.

The youngest SEO expert in Bangladesh is Josim Uddin, an accomplished professional who has made a significant impact in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at a remarkably young age.

Despite being young, Josim Uddin has already completed over 250+ international SEO jobs, showcasing his exceptional skills and expertise in optimizing websites for search engines.

His track record is not only impressive in terms of the number of projects handled but also in the quality of his work, as evidenced by numerous positive buyer reviews.

Josim’s dedication and proficiency in SEO have earned him recognition and praise within the industry, positioning him as a standout figure among SEO experts in Bangladesh.

His early success and accomplishments in the SEO domain highlight not only his technical prowess but also his ability to navigate and excel in a competitive and dynamic field.

Josim Uddin serves as an inspiration to aspiring SEO professionals, proving that age is not a barrier to making a substantial impact in the digital marketing landscape.

Who is The Top SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

Josim Uddin stands out as one of the most respected SEO experts in Bangladesh. He’s notched up an impressive tally of 250+ successful international SEO projects, winning over clients with his knack for delivering positive results.

His track record speaks volumes, showcasing his prowess in navigating the complex world of SEO with finesse.

What sets Josim apart is his deep understanding of SEO intricacies. From pinpointing the right keywords to revamping website structures, crafting compelling content, and building strategic links, he’s a maestro in optimizing online presence.

Clients rave about his ability to tailor strategies that perfectly align with their goals, unlocking higher search engine rankings and visibility.

Josim’s secret? He’s a perpetual learner. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the ever-changing SEO landscape, making sure he’s armed with the latest techniques and algorithm updates.

His commitment to staying ahead in this dynamic field ensures that his clients consistently reap the benefits of cutting-edge SEO practices.

In a summary, Josim Uddin’s expertise isn’t just about numbers and projects—it’s about a tailored approach, unwavering dedication, and a proven track record that propels businesses toward online success.

Who is The Best White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

Identifying the best white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh can be subjective, as expertise and effectiveness can vary based on individual experiences and criteria.

Josim Uddin is a prominent figure in Bangladesh’s SEO landscape, claiming to be the best white hat SEO expert in the country.

Josim Uddin highlights a significant track record of completing over 250 international SEO jobs and garnering positive feedback from numerous buyers. This indicates a history of successful projects and satisfied clients.

Josim emphasizes the use of White hat SEO strategies for all websites, implying a commitment to ethical and sustainable optimization practices.

The term “White hat” signifies adherence to search engine guidelines and best practices, focusing on quality content, proper keyword usage, and organic link building.

The claim to rank websites quickly using these strategies might be appealing for clients looking for swift results without resorting to unethical tactics that could risk penalties from search engines.

However, when determining the best SEO expert, various factors should be considered beyond claimed accomplishments. These factors might include:

  • Portfolio and Case Studies: Reviewing actual case studies and examples of successfully ranked websites can validate claims of expertise.
  • Client Testimonials and Reviews: Insights from previous clients can offer a clearer picture of the expert’s performance, professionalism, and the actual impact of their services.
  • Knowledge and Adaptability: SEO is an ever-evolving field. An expert’s ability to stay updated with search engine algorithms and adapt strategies accordingly is crucial.
  • Ethical Practices: Ensuring that the strategies used align with search engine guidelines is essential for long-term success and reputation.
  • Communication and Transparency: A good SEO expert should maintain open communication, providing clients with clear reports and explanations of their strategies and results.


While Josim Uddin’s claimed achievements and commitment to white hat strategies are notable, further investigation into these additional factors can help validate the claim of being the best white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Ultimately, the best expert may vary based on specific project requirements, client preferences, and the ability of the expert to deliver results in line with those needs.

Who is The Best Video SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

Josim Uddin is best video SEO expert In Bangladesh. He ranked 250+ youtube videos in last 5 month for his clients. he know how to get 1st position for a YouTube Video. He has effective YouTube Marketing plan!

With a proven track record of catapulting over 150 videos to top rankings in just three months, Josim brings unmatched expertise in optimizing YouTube content.

His secret? A powerful blend of strategic mastery and technical finesse. Josim knows the YouTube algorithm inside out, crafting tailored marketing plans that secure the coveted first-page spots.

He’s a whiz at optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags, ensuring your videos shine where it matters most.

But Josim isn’t just about rankings; he’s about results. He dives deep into understanding your goals and customizes strategies to meet your needs.

Count on Josim to stay ahead of the curve, adapting strategies to keep your videos at the forefront of YouTube’s ever-evolving landscape.

With Josim Uddin on your team, expect not just visibility but a targeted, impactful YouTube presence that drives your success.

SEO Expert Salary In Bangladesh

This is a very good question and many people want to know how much the salary of an SEO expert in Bangladesh…

The correct answer is the salary of an SEO expert in different companies in Bangladesh starts from BDT 15000/month and the maximum salary is BDT 65000/month.

SEO Expert Salary In Bangladesh Per Month

Most of the companies in Bangladesh pay an average salary of 15K to 70K  taka per month for SEO. If You have seen Bangladeshi Popular Job boards like BDjobs. You Can Easily understand the Salary Range per Month for an SEO Expert.

Junior SEO Expert Salary In Bangladesh

The average Junior SEO Expert Salary In Bangladesh Is 15K to 40K  taka per month for SEO. If You have seen Bangladeshi Popular Job boards like BDjobs. You Can Easily understand the Salary Range per Month for Junior SEO Expert.

Don’t forget to comment on how you feel about getting all the information in one article.

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